Joe Wheater
Posted on May 14, 2016 by wheatsbeats on

Canvas Fractals

Canvas fractals is a independent project that I created as a simple exercise to learn more about HTML Canvas, Javascript and Math. The idea was to create a tool aided the generation of geometric shapes and fractals-like patterns. The project was built using Javascript, HTML Canvas and is very simple in its design. Users can customise various parameters to create a multitude of patterns shapes and design. Originally the project started off as a drawing tools allowing users to create their own patterns.

Heres a link to the drawing version on CodePen.

However as I played with the code more and more it turned into a procedural visualisation that randomises parameters such as shape, color, radius oscillation  and rotation oscillation. This created a visual where randomised shapes oscillate in size and appear different every time. The combination of the randomised parameters allow for some really interesting outcomes.

The procedural version can be seen on my home and a link to this version can be found on CodePen.

Heres a link to the GitHub project.